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Man found in pool of blood fights for life

A MAN is fighting for his life after a savage knife attack in the city centre today.

Gardai have launched an investigation after the incident which left a second man with serious stab injuries.

Witnesses said the 29-year-old victim was lying in a "huge pool of blood" on Capel Street just before 2am.

He was rushed to the Mater Hospital where he was described as being in a critical condition.


"In particular, this man has very serious injuries to his leg. He was stabbed multiple times including in the body.

"He might not pull through," said a source.

A second man presented himself at James's Hospital in a taxi an hour after the attack and is being treated for stab injuries.

He had been stabbed in the back but his injuries are not thought to be life threatening.

Both men are Chinese nationals and gardai believe that they were injured at the same incident on Capel Street.

The most seriously injured victim of the knife attack collapsed outside a popular karaoke bar on Capel Street.

Blood stains could be seen on the outside wall and window of the bar today.

Two mobile phones were found in a pool of blood at the scene, which is well covered by CCTV cameras.

"I heard shouting in the street, somebody was saying 'the ambulance is coming' and when I looked out there was a man on the ground in a huge pool of blood.

"It looked very serious," one witness told the Herald.

Gardai were this morning preserving the scene pending a forensic examination by members of the garda technical bureau.

There were some traffic delays as a large section of the street was sealed off.

Four particular areas within the cordon were covered by plastic sheeting to protect evidence.

One of the plastic sheets was at a location much farther away from the other three, and beside a silver Ford Mondeo car, which a source said may have been tampered with.

It was not known if the car would form any part of the investigation into the stabbing attack.


Officers were also seen entering and leaving the karaoke bar and talking to people within.

Staff told the Herald that the bar was closed at the time of the attack. They believe the victim may have been walking past at the time he was attacked.

The investigation is being led by gardai from the Bridewell Station who are appealing for information about the crime.