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Man forced to sleep on streets threatened to jump off O'Connell Bridge


O'Connell Bridge.

O'Connell Bridge.

An aerial view of O'Connell Bridge

An aerial view of O'Connell Bridge


O'Connell Bridge.

MEMBERS of a Dublin charity involved in helping the city’s homeless talked a man down from a bridge as he threatened to jump off after he was forced to sleep on the streets.

Volunteers involved with the Inner City Helping Homeless group came across the man on Dublin’s O’Connell Bridge on Monday evening.

It is believed he had been forced to spend the night on the streets after being refused accommodation as he had “arrived too late”.


Gardai were also called to the scene as the man stood on the wall of the bridge over the Liffey.

He came down after being approached by volunteers and gardai.

The Inner City Helping Homeless group criticised what it called “a deplorable system that drives people to take such actions”.

Former Lord Mayor and north-inner city councillor Christy Burke, who is also the chairman of the volunteer group, described the current situation as “worse than it has even been”.

“Last year, following the tragic death of Jonathan Corrie, we were told that such a thing could never happen again,” he said yesterday.

“Ten months later and the situation has got worse. You can’t fix a fracture with a plaster, and unless something is done from the very top it will continue to get worse.

“If this situation carries on, I hate to imagine it, but we will end up with another poor man or woman dead in a doorway.”