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Man faces charge of McDonald's assaults

A YOUNG man is alleged to have kicked and punched three people, knocking two of them to the ground, while they were waiting in line for food at a McDonald's drive thru.

Max Javseev (22) is alleged to have left the victims with black eyes and cuts and bruises following the unprovoked assault.

He is facing trial by judge and jury in the Circuit Court, where the penalties are greater, after a judge ruled the matters were too serious for the District Court.

The defendant, of Parlickstown Green in Mulhuddart, appeared before Blanchardstown District Court charged with three counts of serious assault.

The alleged incident took place at the McDonald's drive thru in Blanchardstown on July 9 last year. Garda Sergeant Maria Callaghan alleged the three victims, two men and a woman, were standing at a counter waiting for food when Javseev arrived in a car.

There were two other men and two women with him.

Sgt Callaghan alleged the victims moved away to allow them to place their order but they were then challenged.

The sergeant alleged Javseev punched one of the victims in the face, knocked two of them to the ground and repeatedly kicked one of them while he was on the ground.

The judge adjourned the matters for six weeks.