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Man faces 173 assault charges

A MAN charged with 173 counts of rape and sexual assault on three children has been remanded in custody.

Judge Seamus Hughes banned any reporting of the defendant's name or address.

The abuse allegedly started in 2001, when the youngest child was six years old, and continued until 2010.

The defendant had been in a relationship with the children's mother, and the children are now in the care of the health board.

Inspector Aidan Minnock told the court that the State had no objection to bail, but sought a personal surety of €5,000 from the defendant.

Ice is found on Mercury

scientists have confirmed a vast amount of ice at the north pole -- on Mercury.

The findings are from Nasa's Mercury-orbiting probe, Messenger.

The frozen water is located in regions of Mercury's north pole that always are in shadows -- impact craters.

It is believed the south pole harbours ice as well, though there are no hard data to support it. Messenger orbits much closer to the north pole than the south.