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Man convicted for washing boy's mouth with soap

A man who went through with a threat to wash a six-year-old boy's mouth out with soap has been convicted of assault.

Rian Birtwell (23) came across Alfi Forsyth in a park near his home in Washington, Sunderland, England, and the pair got in to a disagreement.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) said Alfi started to swear at Birtwell, and he threatened to wash his mouth out with soap if he did not stop.

But the youngster said he would not dare, so Birtwell walked to a shop, bought soap and then pinned him down before stuffing it in to his mouth.


Alfi told his mother the following day about the offence, which took place in April, and it was reported to the police.

Speaking after his conviction, Birtwell said he thought the six-year-old needed to be taught a lesson.

He said he used to babysit for the family and never intended to hurt him.

Birtwell received a 12-month conditional discharge for assault and was ordered to pay £85 (€119) costs and a £15 (€21) victim surcharge.