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Man claimed car buyer gave him fake €50 notes in deal

A YOUNG man caught with €950 in fake notes in a box in his bedroom claimed he was given the money by another individual after he sold him a car.

Martin Stokes (21) also claimed the car buyer took the counterfeit cash from an ATM.

The defendant, of Shancastle Avenue in Clondalkin, was found guilty before Blanchardstown District Court of possession of nineteen €50 notes which he knew or believed to be counterfeit.

Garda Stephen Moloney said he conducted a search of the defendant's home on January 27 last and found €950 in counterfeit €50 notes in a shoe box on top of a wardrobe in his room.

Gda Moloney said Stokes admitted the money belonged to him, but denied he knew the money was counterfeit.

During interview, Stokes told gardai he had sold a Ford Fiesta four or five days previously to another individual he met at a petrol station in Dundrum.

Stokes claimed he received €950 from this man, who took the cash from a bank machine.

Gda Moloney said Stokes had no documents for the car, and he does not have a history of buying and selling cars.

Defence lawyer Jennifer Jackson said Stokes co-operated fully with gardai and did not know the notes were fake.

Ms Jackson said Stokes, who is out of work, has dabbled in buying and selling cars.

Finding him guilty, Judge David McHugh imposed a four month sentence suspended for two years.

The judge ordered the counterfeit notes be destroyed.