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Man charged after protest which left Tanaiste trapped

A YOUNG man was today charged following a protest in Tallaght last month when the Tanaiste Joan Burton was stuck in her car for hours by anti-water charge protesters.

Glen Carney (19), who appeared before Tallaght Court this morning, is alleged to have damaged the tyre of a car that Tanaiste Burton was transferred to during the heated incident.

Mr Carney, of Cloonmore Park, Tallaght, is charged with damaging the tyre of a car belonging to a Garda Superintendent at St Thomas' Church, Kiltalown, Tallaght, on November 15, 2014.

Court Presenter Sergeant Bernard Jones gave evidence of arrest, charge and caution by certificate for Mr Carney to District Judge Bridget Reilly.

Sgt Jones asked Judge Reilly to remand the case for DPP's directions which may be required in the matter.

Mr Carney appeared in court wearing a blue 'Bear Grylls' Craghoppers fleece top, jeans and trainer.

His defence lawyer, Kevin Tunney, made an application for legal aid.

He said that Mr Carney had completed a full legal aid application form.

Judge Reilly granted bail and remanded Carney on bail to February for DPP's directions.

More than a hundred anti-water charge protesters attended the protest in Jobstown, Tallaght.

During the protest, the Tanaiste was blocked from leaving a community centre where she was attending a graduation ceremony for further education centre An Cosan.

The Labour leader was trapped in her car for two-and-a-half hours by protesters

The politician was also pelted with a water balloon by other protesters while she was being escorted by gardai through the crowd before the ceremony.