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Man beats coma and asks for a burger

The family of a critically-ill transplant patient hoped their son might say he loved them when he emerged from an eight-day coma but instead demanded a KFC chicken burger meal.

Brave Sam Boughen (26) suffers a rare genetic liver disease and was on the edge of death having undergone two life-saving transplants.

Sam, a keen drummer, spent eight days in a coma after he contracted e.coli and a deadly lung disease as he battled to survive on life support.

But his family, from Somerset, England, were stunned when Sam opened his eyes and used an iPad to type out and ask for a KFC burger with gravy.

Sam's dad Martin (53) said: "We had an app that meant he could write what he wanted to say.

"We all held our breath the first time he started writing. We thought he would tell us that he loved us -- but instead he asked for a KFC.

"Then we knew we had Sam back."