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Man assaulted 'neighbour from hell', court hears


Mark Somers

Mark Somers

Mark Somers

An apartment block resident who complained of "horrendous" noise coming from a neighbour's home gripped the man by the throat in an "eyeball to eyeball" confrontation.

Mark Somers (52) assaulted the man, who lived in the fourth floor apartment above him, then claimed in court the victim was a "neighbour from hell".

The victim, David Glynn, denied saying Somers was an "arrogant, imperious" Englishman, who was "telling him how to live".

He said they had never had heated words before the row on August 28, 2015.

Somers pleaded not guilty to assaulting Mr Glynn at the Metropolitan Apartments in Kilmainham. He claimed he thought Mr Glynn was going to hit him and grabbed his lapels to restrain him.


Judge Bryan Smyth found him guilty at Dublin District Court and adjourned the case for a victim impact statement.

After he moved in, Mr Glynn said, Somers asked if there was carpet on his floor in a "passing comment" because he could hear noise coming through.

Later, he said, Somers began complaining about footsteps or things falling on the floor.

On the day of the assault, Mr Glynn was getting something from his car when Somers was in his own car. The defendant asked if there was any news about him getting carpets.

Mr Glynn told Somers he did not think it was appropriate for him to bang on the ceiling with a brush. Somers became very annoyed and abusive and Mr Glynn told him to back off.

"I said he was an ignorant expletive," said Mr Glynn. "He thought I said he was an English expletive and he became more enraged."

The accused got out of his car and "came at" Mr Glynn. "He grabbed me by the throat. It was a tight grip, it wasn't pleasant," said Mr Glynn, adding that it left red marks on his neck.

Mr Glynn denied describing Somers as arrogant, and denied calling him a "thick, ignorant English c**t". He said his exact words were "ignorant p***k".

Somers claimed in evidence that there had been continuous loud music from Mr Glynn's apartment and said he had been "incredibly polite with these people" despite a "huge amount of anti-social behaviour".

"Horrendous" noise reverberated when something was dropped on the floor above.

After the alleged assault, he claimed Mr Glynn began continuously playing a saxophone.

"They were basically the neighbours from hell," he said.

Somers alleged Mr Glynn had "froth coming out of his mouth" during the incident.