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Man arrested as woman claims she was raped on a Tinder date

A MAN has been arrested in relation to a woman's claim she was raped on a date organised through the Tinder dating app.

The man, in his mid-30s, was arrested in Dublin and Garda investigations are on-going.

The woman said she had met the man in a coffee shop in Dublin on September 11 and he had forced her into his car.

She alleges she was taken to a secluded area off the M50 where the serious sexual assault took place and that the man had then driven her home.

Meanwhile, matchmaking agency Intro - run by Rena Maycock-Harrington - has issued safety tips for people on first dates made online.

The agency says "be wary" of any declarations of love on a first date and "if you think there's something fishy going on, there probably is".

Intro suggests that choosing somewhere public to meet is vital on a first date and people should "never go to someone's house, in the interests of safety".

They say you should not let your date collect you from your house and should get your own taxi home.


You should also make sure to tell a friend or close family member where you are going and how long you intend to stay out and to casually drop this information into the conversation when you are out.

The agency also warns against "going overboard on the alcohol" and says: "Keep your drink and personal belongings within sight at all times and if you have a mobile phone always take it with you."

Even where you feel like you have "clicked" on that first date, the advice is to take it slowly and not rush into a second date until you are sure the signals are there.

"Don't declare any intentions of true love and don't ask your date to your house or to stay over until you are sure the relationship is progressing the way both of you would like."

If it's a long distance relationship and you are meeting up for the first time "the number one rule is to stay in a hotel and if you can't afford one stay at home".

The matchmaking agency says "under no circumstances should you stay with your date and don't allow the person you're meeting collect you".

You should also keep your hotel destination secret "until you know the person a little better".