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Man arrested after gross act on busy Luas platform


Luas passengers were shocked

Luas passengers were shocked

Luas passengers were shocked

A man in his 30s has been arrested after allegedly masturbating on a crowded Luas platform in front of horrified children and Christmas shoppers.

The incident occurred at the Dundrum stop, on the tram's green line, at around 9pm on Thursday.

The man, an Estonian national who is living in the Dublin 7 area, is suspected to have dropped his trousers and proceeded to masturbate as the packed trams passed by. He was arrested at the Luas stop and taken to the nearby garda station, where he was questioned in relation to the incident.

He has since received a station charge for public order offences and threatening behaviour, and will appear in court at a later date.

It is understood gardai are considering whether he can be charged under sexual offences legislation.

A source last night described the incident as "completely bizarre" and said the man's lewd act was captured on CCTV. He added: "The nearby shopping centre was open late, so the platform would still have been busy at the time with adults and children.


"It is just completely bizarre that this man proceeded to masturbate in public in front of so many people."

It is the second incident in recent months being investigated by gardai in which an individual is alleged to have masturbated on or near a public transport service. In a separate investigation, gardai arrested a man suspected of indecently exposing himself on a Dublin Bus earlier this year.

The incident occurred in a crowded vehicle that was passing through the Harold's Cross area, and resulted in a complaint of sexual assault being made to gardai.

A male, who has been identified, was masturbating on a seat on the top deck when the bus came to a sudden stop.

The man was thrown forward on to a female passenger, with his trousers still pulled down.

Gardai have since arrested a man in relation to the incident. He had been detained for public order offences on a number of occasions. He was released without charge and a file is being prepared for the DPP.

The incident was described as "extremely worrying" and gardai were anxious to detain the man in question.