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Man (24) knifed in vicious attack outside busy courthouse


Brian Leech said stabbing incident was ‘a disgrace’

Brian Leech said stabbing incident was ‘a disgrace’

Brian Leech said stabbing incident was ‘a disgrace’

A 24-year-old man has been seriously injured in a stabbing incident outside Tallaght District Court.

Three thugs armed with a baseball bat and a knife attacked the man shortly after midday yesterday.

A sitting of the court had just risen.

It is believed that the man, who lives in Tallaght, was on his way into the courthouse to address outstanding warrants when he was attacked.

He is known to gardai in relation to drugs, trespassing and burglaries.

He was taken to Tallaght Hospital by ambulance.

No arrests have been made, and a garda inves- tigation is continuing.

Tallaght councillor Brian Leech told the Herald it "beggars belief" that a knife attack could have happened outside a courthouse.

"Any behaviour like this is a disgrace, especially outside a court," he said.


"No one wants to see this sort of behaviour in a civilised society.

"This sounds like some type of vigilante act.

"Anything that needs to be dealt with should be done inside, not outside a court of law.

"There are always a lot of guards around the court building, so it's very surprising that something like this could happen right there in broad daylight."

The Anti-Austerity-Alliance councillor hit out at the idea that criminals have free rein in the Tallaght area of the city.

"I would totally disagree with that misconception," he said.

"We do not stand for criminal behaviour here, but something like this would give a bad name to anywhere.

"I know that the gardai have been starved of resources, but there has been a noticeably much better presence of garda officer in the Tallaght area in recent times."