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Major relief as 'dead baby in car' turned out to be a doll


Major relief as 'dead baby in car' turned out to be a doll

Major relief as 'dead baby in car' turned out to be a doll

Major relief as 'dead baby in car' turned out to be a doll

GARDAI rushed to a parked car after receiving a frantic 999 call from a person reporting the body of a child in a vehicle in north Dublin.

Officers were told that the body of a small girl was in the back of the car which was parked at Home Farm Road in Drumcondra.

But when gardai arrived at the scene, they discovered that the "body" was in fact a "realistic looking doll".

At around the same time that officers arrived there, they made contact with the bemused owner of the vehicle who confirmed that it was a doll.

The drama unfolded at around 4.30pm on Tuesday and sources said that there was "major relief" when it was discovered that it was just a doll in the car. Gardai did not have to break into the vehicle.

The Drumcondra incident is similar to a bizarre episode that happened in New Jersey in the United States last week.

On that occasion, emergency services smashed a car window to save a baby trapped inside on a hot day.

Kitty Mieles had left her two-year-old granddaughter's doll in her parked car in Hoboken, New Jersey, when a passer-by mistook the doll for a real child.

An ambulance crew were called who, also failing to realise the doll wasn't a real child, got the police to break the car window due to the rising temperatures and fears for the supposed child's safety.

But tragically, there are many cases where children are left in cars alone by irresponsible parents.

Justin Ross Harris is currently on trial in Atlanta in the US after his 22-month-old son died after he was strapped to a child's seat and was left for seven hours.


Cooper Harris suffocated in the Georgia heat in June. His father has been charged with murder and child cruelty but has pleaded not guilty.

It is alleged that Harris was sexting a number of female acquaintances at the time of his son's death.

Cooper's mother Leanna's attorney Lawrence Zimmerman said she is "living every parent's nightmare".

According to research from KidsAndCars, 44 children died from heat stroke in cars in 2013 and 717 children have died since 1990.