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Maia must have caught pregnancy from me

The Unemployables is going to be airing in April after the baby comes and I am so pregnant in this series. I just get fatter with each person on the show. I feel good at the minute, but it is bizarre to see the changes in your body.

I'm looking at my belly thinking how is that going to go back to the way it was? Though I have to admit, I'm quite enjoying eating what I want (within reason).

I've always been active and looked after myself but I won't be running back to the gym when the baby comes. There will probably be a little bit of pressure to get back to normal, but it won't be coming from anyone only myself.

It is so crazy what happens.

It's the first time in your life that you have literally no control over your body.

It's also contagious. Maia Dunphy (inset) definitely caught her pregnancy from me!