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Magic moment for Aidan (10) as Cowell and judges all say 'yes'


A four-part trick got Aidan McCann to the next stage

A four-part trick got Aidan McCann to the next stage

A four-part trick got Aidan McCann to the next stage

Young magician Aidan McCann used every trick in the book to sail into the next stage of Britain's Got Talent.

Aidan (10) from Maynooth, Co Kildare, was left speechless after wowing the judges on the talent show, including notoriously hard-to-please Simon Cowell, by showcasing a special four-part trick he had never performed before.

It helped him win the hearts of the audience and the judges, who each gave him a 'yes', for his skilled performance and loveable personality.

Simon told him: "You're very likeable, you have a great talent, I think you could do really well."


Fellow judge Alesha Dixon was so impressed with his trick with a ring that she asked in amazement: "How did you do that?", while Amanda Holden got to her feet to applaud him.


Judge Simon Cowell

Judge Simon Cowell

Judge Simon Cowell

On social media, viewers were full of praise for Aidan too, following his performance which was aired on Virgin Media on Saturday night.

"I was so happy and just speechless," he told the Herald about making it through.

Aidan enjoyed performing for Simon Cowell, saying "he's very nice".

"I love doing magic because it makes people happy, and I love seeing people's reactions," he added.


Judge Alesha Dixon

Judge Alesha Dixon

Judge Alesha Dixon

"There was this festival that I used to go to every year and there were always magicians at it.

"I started when I was five, and I started doing card magic when I was around seven and a half.

"I've taught my mum how to do magic too."

Aidan reached the semi-finals of Ireland's Got Talent last year, and has since gone on to impress US audiences on The Ellen De Generes Show.

His mother Noella said: "Before going on Ireland's Got Talent, he started showing me how to do magic.

"I think up until then, everything he learned, he learned himself from books or YouTube.

"When he needed to start creating lots of different types of magic, then he got me involved.

"He started showing me how to do things and show me things online so I have learned a huge amount of magic in the past year.

"I'm not nearly as good as him at actually doing it, but we love trying to find tricks together and creating tricks."


Meanwhile, Aidan said the highlight of his time in the spotlight so far has been meeting actor Colin Farrell and also taking a trip to Las Vegas.

"I loved meeting Colin Farrell on the Ellen show and I also loved going to Vegas as a surprise Ellen gave me," he said.

Noella McCann said the Dublin actor was "down to earth" with Aidan, who gave him a gift of a packet of Tayto crisps.

"He's so down to earth, he was cool with Aidan.

"He loves him. Colin came into the studio where Aidan was and [Aidan] did a couple of tricks for him and interviewed him and gave him a packet of Tayto at the end."