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Magdalene victims' no to €100k compo

SURVIVORS of the Magdalene laundries have rejected a compensation scheme that will see them paid up to €100,000.

Justice Minister Alan Shatter has provided details of the redress, which includes a general payment and extra monies for forced labour.

Women who were incarcerated for 10 years or more will be entitled to a general payment of €40,000, plus an additional €60,000 for their work.

Any woman who spent three months or less in a laundry or workhouse will receive a lump sum payment of €11,500.

Women who are entitled to more than €50,000 will receive a lump sum for that amount, followed by weekly payments.

However, members of Magdalene Survivors Together want all victims to be given a basic payment of €50,000 for the emotional and psychological damage suffered, with compensation for work done on top.

They also want all the money paid in one lump sum.

Maureen Sullivan, the youngest known survivor, said women were forced to work from morning till night – washing floors from 7.30am throughout the day, then making rosary beads at night.

"I think they totted it up all wrong. They need to go back to the drawing board," she said.

Mr Shatter said that arrangements have been put in place by the Department of Justice to start processing applications for the scheme immediately.

He also said the Government has accepted all of the recommendations made by retired High Court judge John Quirke.

These include that a memorial park be constructed, that all women be granted free access to GP, hospital and dental care, and that all compensation would be tax-free.