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Madonna's home terror over stalker break-ins

POP legend Madonna feels alarmed and distressed and fears for her children's safety after a stalker broke into her ¤12m London home, a court has heard.

In a victim impact statement read to Southwark Crown Court the singer told how Grezgorz Matlok had left her unsettled after breaking into her Marylebone home.

Matlok (30), who believed he was involved in an intimate relationship with the singer and had exchanged "special messages" with her, was arrested on March 12 after being wrestled to the ground by bodyguards at the 53-year-old star's property.


A year before he had broken into the home she shared with Guy Ritchie. The Polish national arrived at the Georgian townhouse equipped with a map of the exact location and used a rope to climb on to the balcony of a neighbouring house before breaking into Madonna's bedroom and rifling through her bedclothes.

He initially denied one count of burglary but changed his plea to guilty after being found with a can of Red Bull from the star's home.

Matlok was locked up indefinitely after doctors found he posed a "serious risk" to the singer. He was banned from contacting the star or her family or visiting any of their properties.