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Madeline keeps me grounded, says JACK

Irish movie star Jack Reynor has paid tribute to his fiancée Madeline Mulqueen for helping to keep him grounded.

The Wicklow star (22) of the new Transformers 4 movie, which has 
taken in €500m globally, is set to become one of Hollywood's hottest actors.

But he said that keeping model Madeline (23) close to him while he made the movie helped him to stay down-to-earth after he made the leap to LA.

Asked about shooting the flick, he said: "I had my girlfriend out with me. My cousin came out for three months. So I had my own people, which kept me very grounded and very sane.

"I would walk out on set and shoot the most incredible, incredible action set piece - beyond anything you could ever imagine - and then I'd come home in the evening and do the exact same stuff I've always done. I'd have some dinner, I'd play some video games, I'd have a beer."


Madeline accompanied him around the world on the promotional tour for the fantasy flick, which has made a huge impact at the box office.

Reynor and his co-stars brought the world premiere of the Michael Bay- directed film to Hong Kong originally and spent nearly a week promoting it around Asia. It has now set a new world record in China for the highest-grossing movie ever, taking in some €161m over there.

But it was back to basics for both Jack and Madeline after they came back to Ireland this month for the Dublin premiere of the movie.

Last night, Reynor was one of the VIP guests at the Galway Film Fleadh and was down in the City of Tribes for the world premiere of his other new film, Glassland, along with co-star Will Poulter.

Madeline, who first found fame in the Horse Outside video, also returned to the day job, fresh from her travels.

She looked beautiful as she posted fashion pics for a shoot she did for iClothing.ie. And she flew the flag for Irish designers at all the premieres of the Transformers flick.

She wore a range of cutting-edge designers including Geraldine O'Meara and Natalie B Coleman. But she showed she still loved high-street fashion, also being photographed in an outfit from Penneys.

Madeline and her actor beau have been engaged for the past three months but haven't made any concrete plans yet as to when they'll walk down the aisle. But she has indicated that it will be in Ireland and says 
that she wants it to be an elegant affair as they're both home-birds at heart.