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Mad Dog says he gets treated so well in Dublin

LOYALIST terrorist Johnny 'Mad Dog' Adair has said that he always felt "relaxed and safe" whenever he stayed in Dublin.

Adair (46) is currently living in Troon in Scotland but plans to end his self-imposed exile and return to Ireland.

In an interview with the Herald, the gangster ruled out living permanently in Dublin but said he never felt threatened in the Irish capital.

"The thing that struck me about Dublin is how relaxing it was and how safe I felt there," he said. "I wouldn't be as easily recognised in Dublin as I would be in the North or in Britain, so I feel more at ease.

"I've been recognised on a few occasions while I was in Dublin but I was never threatened and had no negative experiences, no one seemed to have a problem.

The notorious gangster led one of the most brutal loyalist companies in the history of the Troubles.

A spokesperson for the newly decommissioned UDA said they would target Adair should he ever return to Northern Ireland.

"It will be up to the police to deal with him if he comes back and there's no doubt he'll be looking over his shoulder for the rest of his life," he said.

However, Adair is determined to come home and start a security firm.

He said: "I'll be going back to the North, absolutely. It's not an option at the moment because there are still threats against my life from the UDA."