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'Machete' attack on man at a GAA club

A YOUNG man is fighting for his life after he was viciously stabbed with a "machete-style knife" at a Kildare GAA club.

Gardai are investigating the serious assault, which happened early on Saturday evening.

The young man was having a quiet drink in Carbury GAA Club when the shocking incident unfolded.

A gang of people burst through the gates around 9.30pm in the evening and ruthlessly attacked the man, who had arrived at the club about 15 minutes earlier.

The 27-year old was stabbed a number of times with an implement that has been described as a "machete-style knife" with a six inch handle.

Local sources said the young man, who was originally from Carbury but is now living in Clane, Kildare hadn't been to the club in a number of years.

The man is not a member of the Carbury GAA club but was known by a number of people in the area.

The club bar was particularly quiet at the time as the team were playing away in Maynooth.

The young man is now in a serious condition in hospital.

"The guy went to the club around 9.15pm on Saturday with a girl," a source said.

"He got a drink and he was sitting down watching TV, there were just three or four people in the bar at the time.


"He was just sitting down, minding his own business when about five or six people burst in the main gate.

"They set upon him and stabbed him a number of times."

"It was all over in a couple of minutes.

"He was bleeding heavily. The gardai and ambulance were there in minutes and he was taken by ambulance to Naas Hospital.

Gardai are investigating CCTV footage of the incident from cameras at the club.

"Gardai are investigating an assault that occurred at Carbury GAA Club on Saturday night at approx 9.30pm, June 9," a garda representative said.

"A 27-year-old male received stab wounds and is currently in Naas Hospital."