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M50 tolls are sheer madness

THE Government is intent on driving through plans to place new tolls on the M50. Despite warnings that extra charges will lead to major congestion in suburbs, and huge public opposition, Transport Minister Leo Varadkar is not for turning on the issue.

He says installing tolls will raise an extra €50m a year.

That may be the case, but this money will come from cash-strapped motorists, already struggling with sky-high fuel costs, who have already paid for the road. Regular commuters will pay €100 a month in tolls if the new charges come into effect. The AA has warned that almost two- thirds of drivers will avoid the M50 if the tolls are introduced.

The charges will also hit non-drivers, as firms pass on the increased haulage costs to consumers. Our message on behalf of Dublin drivers is simple -- 'don't do it'.