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M50 drivers to be hit with 10c toll rise

TOLLS on Dublin's M50 motorway are to rise by 10c in January, the National Roads Authority (NRA) has revealed.

It will be one of a number of hikes to hit drivers in the new year, with fuel costs, motor tax and insurance on the way up.

On the M50, the three prices for cars -- €3, €2.50 and €2, depending on if you pay the full fee or use a tag provider -- will all go up by 10c, giving rises of up to 5pc.


However, there will be no increases on the East Link Bridge and the Port Tunnel.

The NRA says the rises on the M50 are related to the inflationary index, which is used to regulate tolls.

When the index falls, the prices are reduced. The last toll increases were in 2011.

A further eight motorways, including the M1, the M4 and the M7, will see their tolls rise by 10c. There will be no increase on the M3.

Car lobby groups have already slammed the increases, with the AA's Conor Faughnan describing them as "absolutely ridiculous".

The hikes will add to the problems of hundreds of thousands of commuters who already have to deal with soaring fuel prices and other costs.

Petrol prices have risen by more than 20c since October last year. The toll on the M50 will go up from January 1.

The NRA says the motorway had usage increases of 3pc year-on-year so "despite the tolls people see it as value for money and value for time".

The hikes will also meet the cost of buying out the private company, National Toll Roads, which collected the fees until 2008.