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Lyons' victim happy as her sex attacker is back in jail

The victim of the sex attack by aviation businessman Anthony Lyons has said she wants to put her three year ordeal behind her and try to forget the past.

Speaking after Lyons was sent back to prison for 18 months following a court decision that his initial time behind bars was too lenient, the young woman told her family she was relieved that the lengthy appeal to decide her attacker's fate was at an end and now wants to move on with her life.

"It has been a long and drawn-out process that has been a stress for everyone but we are still glad the DPP took the decision to appeal the initial sentence that saw Lyons serve just four-and-a-half months in prison," a source close to the family told the Herald.

The source said that people around the area of London where Lyons has largely lived since his release should be informed that he is now in jail for the frightening attack.

"They need to know who is living near them if he goes back there after his release," they said. "They need to know what he has done and that he showed no remorse.

"We are still waiting for the day when he shows some remorse," they explained.

Lyons had approached his victim and grabbed her from behind on Griffith Avenue before sexually assaulting her.

Two men who heard the woman scream intervened and Lyons, a father of four, fled the scene before being picked up by gardai near his home.

He claimed a combination of alcohol, cholesterol medicine and cough syrup he was on had given him "an irresistible urge" and pleaded not guilty to the charge.

Lyons was convicted in June 2012 and a month later he was given a six year sentence and ordered to pay €75,000 to the victim he attacked on October 3, 2010.

But in a decision that caused widespread controversy Judge Desmond Hogan suspended five and a half years of the sentence and ordered Lyons to pay €75,000 to the young woman.The DPP appealed that decision but Lyons was released from prison during that process in December 2012.

Yesterday, the Court of Criminal Appeal ruled that Judge Hogan's sentence was unduly lenient and imposed a six-year sentence, four years suspended.

With remission and time already served, Lyons will spend another 14 months behind bars.