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Lying lawyers are 'at it again' - Court Master

THE master of the High Court has backed up his claims that solicitors' sworn statements are "not generally reliable".

Edmund Honohan has supported his comments with examples of solicitors' oaths that do not represent the facts.

His initial outspoken criticism had provoked a stinging rebuke from the Law Society, which challenged him to provide evidence. Mr Honohan has now pointed to four cases before him last Tuesday.

"It's almost as if solicitors think the legal system belongs to them and that they can disrespect the oath without real fear of criticism or sanction," he wrote in a published letter.

Mr Honohan pointed to four court cases and stated "that was last Tuesday but it's the same every day".

"Solicitors should double-check the facts before confirming under oath. Failure to do so reveals an altogether too casual approach to the solemnity of the oath," he added.

Last week he said of those who swore affidavits, solicitors were "most frequently found to have only a nodding acquaintance with the truth".

Law Society director general Ken Murphy accused Mr Honohan of an "outrageous" and "unjustified slur".

Mr Murphy said the comments amounted to a "vicious side-swipe" against the entire profession, and said that if he had an examples he should report them to the Law Society.

However, Mr Honohan responded with a letter today.