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'Lying Eyes' to write book about life in jail

THE mum of two who used the name "lyingeyes" to hire a hitman on the internet is set to write a book about her time in jail.

Sharon Collins (48) of Kildysart Road, Ennis, Co Clare, was jailed for six years in November 2008 after a Central Criminal Court jury found her guilty of soliciting a man to murder her partner PJ Howard and his two sons Robert and Niall Howard on August 15, 2006.

This week she lost her appeal against the conviction. She is due for release in December, 2012, taking into account remission for good behaviour.

Now her solicitor says she "may well put pen to paper and seek to have something published at a later stage".

Eugene O'Kelly said: "She is relieved the waiting for the appeal decision is over and can concentrate on her future now."

He said she was "anxious to tell her side of the story on the circumstances that led her to be jailed".

During her trial, Collins blamed her internet 'writing mentor' Maria Marconi for the lyingeyes email address, but the prosecution's case was that Ms Marconi did not exist.

Mr O'Kelly said: "Sharon realises her experiences in prison would be of interest to people. She has a rare insight into prison life."

Meanwhile, a Department of Justice spokeswoman said an ex-prisoner was not prohibited from profiting from the publication of a book concerning their crime after their release.