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'Lying Eyes' lawyer hits back at claims of would-be hitman


Sharon Collins
Pic: David Conachy

Sharon Collins Pic: David Conachy

Sharon Collins Pic: David Conachy

'Lying Eyes' Sharon Collins has blasted claims made by would-be hitman Essam Eid as "self-serving nonsense".

Former Las Vegas poker dealer Eid spoke out for the first time about the 2006 plot with Ms Collins to murder her millionaire partner PJ Howard and his sons, Niall and Robert.

He said that he wished he had gone through with the contract to kill.

"I regret not doing the job. Now I wish I'd done the job ... I wish I'd done it," he said.

"I don't care if they have kids or if they have wives. I don't want to read that in the papers - the story about who they are - a job is a job to me."


But Ms Collins's solicitor, Patrick Moylan from Ennis, Clare, told the Herald that she has rubbished Eid's version of events.

"This is self-serving nonsense," Ms Collins said through her solicitor.

"[It's] not worthy of further comment."

Collins, from Ennis in Co Clare, was sentenced to six years in 2008 for soliciting Eid to kill her partner.

She was released from prison in 2012 after serving over four years of her sentence and is currently writing two books about her life.

Collins denied having ordered the triple hits through a 'hitmanforhire' website.

She further claimed that €15,000 she had sent was not a down-payment on the murders, but was paid to prevent a derogatory email she had written about Mr Howard being sent to him.

She claimed that the emails sent from the 'Lying Eyes' account to hitmanforhire contained information that had been cobbled together from emails she had sent to another person.

Eid (58) branded Ms Collins a "liar" and said that there were questions to answer about this money.

"She is a liar," said Eid. "The money she paid, where else did it come from, and how did we have all that information?"

Eid - who claimed that two of his accomplices travelled to Ireland ahead of his arrival - said the male accomplice decided to change tack and try to extort €100,000 from Howard.

It was revealed in court that the plan was to poison the two Howard sons with ricin.

Eid was arrested as he planned to meet with Robert Howard.

"I went to pick up the car and the police arrested me there. I was thinking it was like candid camera. It was like something funny because I wasn't involved in anything here at all," Eid told the Irish Daily Star in an interview yesterday.

"I am guilty. I was there. I am guilty."

Eid also said that PJ Howard - who stood by Collins's side throughout the scandal - was "stupid".

"Everybody testified that this lady hired these people to kill this guy. He is so stupid, tell me how he can then walk up and give her a kiss?," he said.


The former poker dealer said his greatest regret was "not going through with the job".

He said that the hitmanforhire website was never a scam intended to help him defraud people.

US-based Eid said that he hasn't done anything wrong and simply "changed his mind", but he still gets blamed.

He was sentenced to six years for demanding money with menace and handling stolen property after he came to the attention of the FBI in the US.

"If I had done the job I would not have ended up in jail. I know that myself," Eid claimed.

"I came to Ireland to kill people, but I had changed my mind.

"I still get blamed for something I did not do. Now I wish I'd done the job," he added.