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Lung cancer survival boost

People with early lung cancer who quit smoking could double their chances of surviving.

Until now, there has been little proof that quitting smoking after developing lung cancer makes any difference to survival.

British researchers analysed previous data from 10 studies examining how long smokers survived after being diagnosed with lung cancer.

People with lung cancer who continued smoking had a 29-33pc chance of surviving five years.

But those who kicked the habit had a 63-70pc chance of being alive after five years.

Three stars up for BB eviction

The public faces the difficult task of deciding which of the three eviction-nominated Celebrity Big Brother contestants they want kicked out of the house.

Born-again Christian Stephen Baldwin, hyperactive US rapper Sisqo and veteran socialite Ivana Trump are all vying to avoid being voted off tonight's show.

Earlier this week London-born rapper Lady Sovereign was booted out.

Afterwards she protested that she had been bullied.