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'Luna was torn away from us - it was such an awful, cruel way for a dog to die'


Terrier Luna, who was killed by a German Shepherd

Terrier Luna, who was killed by a German Shepherd

Terrier Luna, who was killed by a German Shepherd

A dog lover has spoken of her distress after her Yorkshire Terrier was attacked by another dog and later died.

Five-year-old Luna was on a walk along Alfie Byrne Road in Clontarf on Monday afternoon, when a black German Shepherd spotted her from across the road, ran through four lanes of traffic and attacked her, biting the dog on her side.

Luna died hours later and owner Helena McEnery has spoken out about her heartbreak.

"She loved sitting in the sun. She was a sun worshipper, she loved to sit on the sun lounger out the back. I absolutely cannot believe she's dead," she said.

"She was a defenceless, little animal. She didn't deserve it. We didn't think she was going to die.


"I want people to know how she suffered and it's so unnecessary for her to die like that. It was totally preventable."

She said that if the other dog had been on a lead, Luna wouldn't have died.

"She'd still be here today if that dog was on a lead. We're all broken about it," she said.

While Helena was volunteering in Dog's Aid with her sister on Monday, her boyfriend Neven brought Luna for a walk. The terrier was attacked on their way home.

The other dog's owner helped to separate the two dogs, and Luna was left with a wound on her side, which was treated by a vet.

"When she got home, she did get worse, but we only thought it was the painkiller that was relaxing her," said Helena.

"We settled down with her for the night. We just slept on the ground in the bedroom beside her because she always loved to sleep on the bed, but we didn't want to put her on the bed.

"I woke up at half three in the morning, I felt her and she wasn't moving. I said: 'Neven, I think she's dead.'"

After a trip to an on-call vet, the worst was confirmed.

"She was a little rescue dog. She had a horrible start in life for the first three years and then I did everything I could to make her come around for the next two," said Helena. "For her to be ripped away from us like that, it's just horrific.

"She was very fearful of people and very resentful when we first got her. But she got over that and got really, really good.

"She lied on our laps and slept on our beds - she became much more sensible. She was a tiny little thing, with only a tiny waist."

Helena said that Luna loved sitting in the sun and day trips.


"She lived for going out for her walk," she said. "We had her on the train, we brought her to Howth and she loved going in the car."

Helena added that she got an "awful shock" when Neven rang to say Luna had been attacked.

"We prayed to God she'd be OK, cried our eyes out," she said.

"She saw the dog coming when he was right on top of her and she panicked and tried to get away.

"But the dog was so big he pounced on top of her and took a big bite."

Helena, who owns six dogs, has appealed to owners of bigger breeds to keep their pets muzzled and on leashes, and said that she has made a formal complaint to the gardai over Luna's death.

Gardai said they are investigating.

"She was torn away from us, it's such an awful, cruel way - it's absolutely horrendous," she Helena.