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LUCKY Postman Pat delivers with €1m luxury homes for daughters

A POSTMAN who won

7m on the Lotto is no longer delivering to homes -- he's buying them.

And the lucky recipients are three of his four children who have been given luxury homes.

Pat Broderick stayed true to his promise to spend his winnings on his family rather than himself. Estimates today put the total cost of the family homes for his three daughters at up to €1m.

Twin sisters Christina and Ann-Marie (23) and Louise (21) are expected to move into the properties in Abbey Fort, Co Cork, shortly.

But they won't be far away from their family as the estate is just a five-minute drive away from Pat's home in Kinsale.

Climbing onto the property ladder won't be a problem now for the girls, who will live mortgage free at the swish addresses.


And with house prices having collapsed since 2007, Pat was understood to have got a good deal for the homes.

Earlier this summer, he traded in the old family car, a 10-year-old Peugeot 206, for a 7-series BMW.

But down-to-earth Pat bought a second-hand model.

Since winning the Lotto, Pat has quit his job as a postman in Kinsale and has spent much of his new found free time on the golf course.

He has also holidayed in the Algarve and Boston.

After scooping the massive prize initially, Pat had no plans to leave his job but later decided to hand in his notice.

He said he owed the win to his four children because the lucky numbers corresponded to their ages.

Pat and his wife Mary scooped half of a €14m jackpot.

The numbers were made up of his four children's ages -- 15, 21 and 23 years -- as well as his (45) and his wife's (44).

Pat revealed he played the Lotto every single week with their ages or multiples of their ages when they were younger.

Mary, a childcare manager, looks after 40 children at the Kinsale Community Playschool. "You go from wondering where to get the money to pay the bills to this -- it's so good," said Mary.

Pat purchased the winning €10 ticket in SuperValu on Pearse Street in Kinsale.

In total, he won €7,018,618. The other half was collected by the winners from Cavan, who wished to remain anonymous.