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Lucky EuroMillions player bags €50m in a €2.50 online punt


Dolores McNamara became the first Irish EuroMillions winner when she bagged more than €115m in 2005

Dolores McNamara became the first Irish EuroMillions winner when she bagged more than €115m in 2005

Dolores McNamara became the first Irish EuroMillions winner when she bagged more than €115m in 2005

The National Lottery is still waiting to hear from the lucky EuroMillions player in the Leinster area who scooped a massive €50m jackpot.

The Lottery yesterday confirmed the winning ticket - a €2.50 online selection - had been sold in the province.

The person will have likely woken up yesterday morning to a notification on their online account from the National Lottery to reveal the news of their eye-watering win, which totalled €49,564,586.

They would also have received a separate email to confirm the good news.

This is the second time the prize has been won in Ireland this year alone and the 16th time someone living here has won the draw since it began in 2004.


The winning ticket was a €2.50 'normal play' selection, which means the person selected their own numbers via their online account.

The winner is being asked to make contact with the National Lottery to claim their prize.

The lucky numbers were 14, 15, 24, 29, 42 and the lucky stars were 02 and 04.

Anyone who lands such a big windfall will be given advice on how to prepare themselves for suddenly waking up and finding themselves a multi- millionaire.

"We are still waiting to hear from this winner so we are encouraging all of our online users in Leinster to check their accounts and emails," a National Lottery spokesperson said.

"If they are the winner, they should get in touch so we can officially begin the prize claims process." They described it as "life-changing sum of money" and said they would be providing advice to the winner when they do come forward as they need to brief them on how to handle landing such a massive jackpot.

"We will be carefully guiding this winner through the prize claims process over the course of the coming weeks to ensure that they are fully prepared when claiming this massive prize," the spokesperson added.

The National Lottery has also confirmed that it has begun the process of drawing down the jackpot funds from the other eight participating lotteries in the EuroMillions community.

A spokesperson said that it expects to be in a position to be able to pay out the €49,564,586 prize at some point next week.

The EuroMillions has proved very lucky for players in Ireland, with an impressive tally of previous winners.

Dating back to July 2005, Dolores McNamara from Limerick became our first EuroMillions winner and one of our richest residents after she bagged more than €115m.

Since then, it's been won by players all over the country ranging from Tipperary to Mayo and Carlow.

The first Dublin winner came in June 2009, when a family syndicate shared the jackpot with a British winner, taking home more than €29.4m.