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Lucky escape for 999 crew attacked in halting site row

AN ambulance crew were lucky to escape uninjured when their emergency vehicle came under attack during a callout.

The incident happened when the Tallaght-based ambulance was called to a fight at a halting site on the Cloverhill Road in Clondalkin in the early hours of yesterday.

One man in his late 20s was arrested at the scene.


The window was broken during the violent outburst and the vehicle, from Unit D27, had to be removed from service while it underwent repairs at the Dublin Fire Brigade depot on Stanley Street off Brunswick Street.

Emergency crews and gardai had received the call to attend Bridgeview halting site at around 3.30am, where a fight had broken out. During the row, a bottle was thrown at the ambulance, smashing the driver's side window. but there were no reports of injuries to the crew.

The door frame surrounding the window was also damaged by the impact of the object thrown at the ambulance.

Repair crews said the glass fitted in the ambulance is called 'bandit glass' and is reinforced and designed to stay in position if shattered.

"If it hadn't been for the strength of the glass, the driver could have been seriously injured. He would have got whatever it was that was thrown in the head," said a Dublin Fire Brigade spokesman.

The incident highlights the dangers faced by emergency crews as they work to save lives and treat injuries.


In June 2006, fireman Jonathan Forbes received serious facial injuries when a bottle was thrown through the window of the fire tender as he travelled to a blaze in Clontarf.

Mr Forbes required 35 stitches, and also suffered a chipped bone and severe bruising in the attack.

Doctors said he would have a permanent scar which might require further surgery.