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Lucinda: We're not recruiting members

the newly-established Reform Alliance is not seeking any new candidates at its first major political event, Lucinda Creighton has said.

Around 200 people have registered for the Reform Alliance's one-day event in the RDS, which will focus on the, health sector, economy and political reform.

But Ms Creighton (below) said they are not taking applications for "membership" as it was an alliance.

The ex-minister said people like to compare the event with traditional political gatherings such as an Ard Fheis style rally, but this was not the case.

Already questions have been raised about the absence of the abortion issue from the agenda – the issue which lead to the departure of six of the seven Reform Alliance TDs and Senators from Fine Gael.

Labour TD Aodhan O'Riordan branded their meeting "pathetic", saying they had opposed the abortion legislation which was required under the Constitution and as a result of referendums.

Ms Creighton said she wanted to look at how the country would deal with the challenges it faced over the next 10 years.

"We want to ensure it doesn't make the same mistakes of the past. That's my priority and that's the priority for the Irish people," she said.

"We haven't recruited any members and we don't intend to but we do intend to keep a presence on matters of public importance," Ms Creighton said.