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Lucinda in new blast to Kenny telling FG to 'cop on'

FINE Gael renegade Lucinda Creighton was sticking to her guns today -- stating that her party should have more "cop on".

The Dublin TD shocked Enda Kenny's leadership again yesterday with a speech that attacked the party over a donation from a NAMA-bound developer.

Sources say Mr Kenny is fuming over the assault, during which Ms Creighton, alleging "cute hoorism" in the party, warned that Fine Gael is close to becoming "Fianna Fail lite".

Both sides of the Fine Gael divide now admit that the wounds from Richard Bruton's failed leadership heave are still oozing.

Mr Kenny is understood to be considering whether he should hit back when he addresses the MacGill Summer School in Glenties tomorrow night.

He has yet to react to the criticism but sources say that he is "raging" that his authority has been questioned so soon after winning the leadership battle.

Ms Creighton has been a long-term critic of his performance but today she rejected the idea that her disillusionment might force her to walk away the Fine Gael.

She stood by her speech and even reiterated the need for the party to "cop on" over donations from developer Michael O'Flynn, who is currently engaged with NAMA.

Rejecting some criticism made towards her official Twitter page, Ms Creighton argued that she was making the "simple point that given billions of taxpayers' money pumped into NAMA, FG should've more cop on than to have O'Flynn in K Club".

When it was put to her that perhaps Fine Gael wasn't the party for her, given her unhappiness, she replied: "I don't have to leave FG because I question decisions of a minority. Change from within should be possible."

She added: "I am amazed by the number of people who don't believe politicians should open their mouths, ever!"

The controversy began on Sunday when it was revealed that developer Michael O'Flynn took part in a golf fundraiser at the K Club.

Ms Creighton argues that the party should hand back the cash, saying: "It is not a good image for any political party to be in receipt of donations from developers who are associated with NAMA, full stop."

Mr Kenny has yet to say whether it will forego the donation, although he has stated all Fine Gael fundraising is "perfectly legitimate and within the law".