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Lover accused of murder 'lost his mind'

A Brazilian accused of murdering his lover told gardai in interview that he "lost his mind" and repeatedly stabbed her during an argument over her living arrangements.

Marcio Goncalves da Silva (31) has pleaded not guilty to murdering separated mother Joselita Dos Anjos Figueiredo Perieria Da Silva, to whom he was not related, on October 22, 2009.

However, Mr da Silva has pleaded guilty to the 33-year-old's manslaughter in their flat above a takeaway on Tara Street, Tullamore.

This was not accepted by the prosecution.

Inspector Declan Rock told Mr Patrick Gageby, prosecuting, that in one of four interviews with gardai, da Silva explained that he and Joselita became lovers three months after she moved in to the flat in Tullamore in October 2008.

He told gardai Joselita came to live with him after she had been "run out of town" in Drumlish, Co Longford, where the wife of a married man whom she was having a relationship with threatened to report her to gardai for being an illegal immigrant.


He told gardai he financially supported Joselita and was aware she was having relationships with other men, but said he was happy for her to return to Brazil and restore her relationship with her husband, provided that they could remain lovers.

Mr da Silva and Ms da Silva began arguing with him in the kitchen area of their flat after she told him she was going to spend the upcoming weekend in Drumlish, having spent the previous two weekends there.

He told her he wanted to stay in Tullamore, and told gardai he was "a little" jealous. He told gardai Ms da Silva started to shout and her behaviour became demanding, and that he "lost his mind" and "went crazy".

Mr da Silva said he picked up a silver kitchen knife from a block close at hand and fell upon her, stabbing her as she sat in a kitchen chair.

He told gardai that Ms da Silva told him to stop, and that she loved him, and as she fell from her chair she said she was dying.

Asked by gardai if he was aware Ms da Silva had been stabbed 51 times, Mr da Silva said he did not know how many times he had struck her.

He told gardai that he remembered stabbing her two to three times in the rear as she lay face down on the ground, in what he described as a "desperate moment".

The case continues.