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Love/Hate's Susan tells of life on dole

FORMER Love/Hate star Susan Loughnane has said she'd glad she didn't know how difficult pursuing a modelling and acting career would be, because she might not have done it.

Susan (27), who revealed that she was on the dole while she was modelling part-time, said: "In school we were told to do whatever we wanted because the country had lots of money.

"Thankfully, I didn't know the reality about the career, which is good because I might not have done it."


In an interview on the Irishman Abroad podcast she said she was on the dole while appearing on magazine covers.

The former Britain's Next Top Model contestant also worked part-time in a phone shop before acting offers started rolling in.

She said: "I didn't stay on the dole for very long, I couldn't bear it, but that's the reality of the business. Touch wood I'm fine now, but you just don't know."

Susan played addict Debbie on the hit show and has alsoappeared in the soap Hollyoaks.