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Love/Hate writer refuses to shoot down a movie version


The Love/Hate gang

The Love/Hate gang

The Love/Hate gang

Love/Hate writer Stuart Carolan hasn't ruled out a movie version of the hit RTE series.

Although he said there were no discussions about it, he said it was always a possibility.

"A Love/Hate feature film? Not immediately, no. It's hard enough just to do this [series]," he said. "We wouldn't rule it out, it's possible."

The award-winning writer also confirmed that he has made a provisional agreement with RTE for another instalment of the show.

"There's a development deal in place at the moment with RTE for a sixth one but beyond that, if I say anything beyond that, I'll mess up the deal," he continued.

The fifth new series has returned to rave reviews but Carolan admitted there was some anxiety about it.

"The first one [episode] when it came back, I was little bit nervous about it," he continued.

He attended the premiere of Charlie Murphy's new movie '71 on the same night and said that he intended nipping home afterwards to watch the opening show.

"And then I thought: 'Ah, I'll stay and have a couple of drinks'," he said.

"I never thought it would be this successful but I'm very proud because a lot goes into making it."

Insisting that he doesn't like killing off his main characters, he said he never tries to glorify the murders in the show.

"Sometimes you lose characters in very undramatic ways - if you look at the way Debbie died, it's the most undramatic, unglamorous way to do it," he said.

And in an interview with Today Fm's Ian Dempsey's show, he promised that there's a "big thing about Siobhan" in the coming episode, given that Tommy's other half is intent on getting revenge on Nidge.

Viewers have seen her character develop hugely in the new series, as she hooks up with new character Paulie, played by Johnny Ward.