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Love/Hate story shows how kids put in danger - shot Sean's mum

The family of the schoolboy who was shot in Ballyfermot in June have said the scene in Love/Hate where a young traveller boy was shot shows how innocent people are affected by crime.

Sean Scully (7) was left paralysed from the chest down after being hit by a stray bullet as he played on a green.

And there were similarities between Sean's case and a scene in last Sunday's Love/Hate when bomb maker Patrick Ward's son Brandon was accidentally hit by a bullet during an attempt to kill him.

Sean's mother Gillian has said the RTE crime drama has shown how innocent people can get hurt when guns and other weapons are produced.

"I'm not saying the Love-Hate show was about us. It was very good and shows that innocent people get hurt," she said.

She appealed for crime gangs and thugs to be aware that innocent people are being maimed because of their actions.

But she stressed that the similarities between Sean's case and the shooting of Brandon on Love/Hate end at the point where children were shot, and that the backgrounds to Sean's story and the TV drama are completely different.

"As much as Love/Hate nearly mirrors what happened to our Sean, it is very different," she said.

"Not only was Sean a completely innocent boy, out playing football, both his parents and brother were completely innocent and have no involvement in crime, unlike those involved in his harming.

"If we lived that lifestyle (of crime as depicted on Love/Hate) I'd say 'yeah, it's our own fault'. But we don't, and that's where the difference is," she explained.


"It needs to be out there that this is not our world. You don't have arguments, knives and guns where kids are playing," Gillian added.

The introduction of republican figures in season four was seen as a mirror of the influence in criminal circles of republican figures such as Alan Ryan, who was gunned down in September 2012.