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Love/Hate stars reunite for high-octane Troubles thriller

Love/Hate stars Charlie Murphy and Killian Scott are teaming up again and it's not for their scenes in the top RTE drama.

The pair will appear in upcoming thriller, '71, which sees UCD graduate Killian reunite on screen with Wexford native Charlie Murphy, who Irish viewers know as his Love/Hate girlfriend Siobhan.

The action-packed drama, starring upcoming English actor Jack O'Connell, tells the story of a British soldier who is accidentally abandoned by his unit following a riot in Belfast in 1971 and must survive the night by himself.


The young abandoned soldier gets caught up in the power struggles that plagued Northern Ireland at the time.

Wounded and alone, he becomes a pawn as he falls into the hands of some caring Catholics, one of which is Charlie Murphy, who can't decide which faction of the warring IRA they should hand him over to, old guard-representative or ruthless young "Provo" Quinn played by Killian Scott.

Irish actress Dawn Bradfield, known for her roles in the Clinic and Pure Mule, also stars in the high-octane thriller, playing the mother of Barry Keoghan, who's known for playing Wayne in Love/Hate.

Both Charlie and Killian have been busy while also filming for the new season of Love/Hate, which is due to be back on our screens in November.

Murphy has finished filming season 2 of BBC drama The Village and is set to appear in upcoming Viking flick, Northmen: A Viking Saga.

She will also be treading the boards at the Abbey Theatre in the coming months, playing Tom Vaughan Lawlor's lover in Mark O'Rawe's play Our Few and Evil Days.

Charlie(26) is glad to be settled here for a while telling the Herald that she'll be "based in Ireland for the next few months anyway".

Killian Scott has experienced recent success with Calvary and has recently wrapped filming on Trespass Against Us, which also stars Michael Fassbender, Brendan Gleeson and Barry Keoghan.

'71 is due for release in October and is tipped to be one of the strongest performing British films of the year.