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Loved-up Robert can't help but gush about Sofia who he wooed in India


Robert posted this picture of himself, Sofia and a pal on beach in Goa

Robert posted this picture of himself, Sofia and a pal on beach in Goa

Sofia Boutella

Sofia Boutella


Robert posted this picture of himself, Sofia and a pal on beach in Goa

Bad news for female fans of Love/Hate hunk Robert Sheehan.

The Laois native (26) has confirmed that he is officially loved up and dating a young woman by the name of Sofia.

He has sent the rumour mill into overdrive now that he and his Jet Trash co-star Sofia Boutella are officially an item after being seen looking cosy lately.

The stunning French/Alergerian actress (32), who was once a backing dancer for Madonna, spent months getting to know Robert as they filmed his latest movie in the party resort of Goa, India. And she clearly fell for his Irish charms, judging by his comments this week.


Asked by his cheeky pal Eoghan McDermott on his 2fm show who the last lady was that he saw naked, Robert replied: "It was a girl called Sofia . . . she's my lovely other half."

Speaking about making the independent movie six months ago, he added: "I had a fantastic experience. We were in Goa which is very relaxed and very used to western tourists. The film was made on a shoestring and it looks extraordinary for the money we had."

A runway favourite of Jean Paul Gaultier, petite Sofia is a relative unknown outside France but is being tipped as one to watch in the future.

Last year saw her landing her first major Hollywood role, playing the female lead alongside Samuel L Jackson in movie Kingsman: The Secret Service, which co-stars Colin Firth.

This isn't the first time that Sheehan has hooked up with a co-star, though. He previously dated his fellow Raw actress Charlene McKenna in 2011.

Meanwhile, the actor has said he's one of the few not enamoured with Game of Thrones, describing it as "sprawling and slow".

Although most Irish actors would jump at the chance to land a role in the hit fantasy TV series, the curly-haired star has said it's not his cup of tea.

"I'm not particularly fond of it in all honesty," he said. "Anything that requires consistent effort on my part and then calls itself entertainment is not something that I'm willing to commit to. I love fantasy genre, but I just find the pay-off not enough for the time spent getting there."