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Love to win out, says Kellie, as EastEnders stars set for Christmas rape revelation

EastEnders star Kellie Bright has revealed that love will win out in Linda and Mick Carter's marriage, despite the Christmas episode rape revelation.

When Mick proposes to pregnant Linda on Christmas Day, she finally tells him that Dean Wicks raped her. But despite Linda's fears that he could doubt her story, a distraught Mick stands by her.


"I never had a doubt that Mick Carter would react in that way. Mick Carter is the best husband on the planet," said Bright.

Dean (Matt Di Angelo) has tried to intimidate Linda by saying that this will tear her marriage apart, but Bright has stronger faith in Linda's relationship with Mick, who is played by Danny Dyer. However, this does not mean things will be easy after the revelation.

"It would be unfair for everything to be rosy again after," said Bright. "It changes them, I mean it really does change their relationship, and they also have an unborn child thrown into the mix as well."

During the festive special episode, which will air on BBC One on Christmas Day, Linda also confesses to Mick that she does not know whether he or Dean is the father of her unborn baby.

Executive producer Dominic Treadwell-Collins said he wanted to put the power in Linda's hands and show rape victims that they do not have to keep their ordeal a secret.

"The constant through it all is their love," he said, "and we also kept hold of that because we want women out there who've been through this, who haven't spoken out, to go, 'It's going to be OK when I tell my husband, it'll be OK when I speak out'."