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Love the car but why aren't you driving one, lads?

ANOTHER day, and another electric car launch for ESB CEO Padraig McManus and Energy Minister Eamon Ryan.

The only problem is... neither man drives an electric car, or plans to trade their current model for one anytime soon. Eamon Ryan is whisked around town in a Toyota Prius, and Mr McManus was last seen behind the wheel of a luxury Audi.

When asked recently if the ESB chief plans to trade in for an electric car, his spokesman agreed that he probably should have one.

"Of course it would make sense that the CEO of ESB and the minister would both have electric cars," agreed Paul Mulvaney, managing director of Electric Vehicles at ESB.

He said that Mr McManus has access to a company car, which is a prototype, but he didn't have his own electric vehicle yet because of the small number of cars on the market.

"It is difficult because there are not many that are available to the public. As soon as we have one, he will be driving it," he said.

The latest launch was the unveiling of the Mitsubishi eCar, which will cost at least €45,000.