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Love Island Australia looks all set to pack a punch


Josh Moss is featured on Love Island Australia.

Josh Moss is featured on Love Island Australia.

Josh Moss is featured on Love Island Australia.

Love Island Australia contestant Josh Moss has told how the upcoming Aussie version of the series makes the UK show "look like kindergarten".

The Sydney man (25) is among the first crop of hopefuls viewers will meet in the villa on tonight's first episode.

"In our one, we have everything. There's fights, punch-ups, scandals. The villa has a massive divide. There were love triangles happening all the time," he said.

Things did not go to plan for Josh on his first day. The ladies entered first and were tasked with stepping forward if they wished to couple up with any of the men who entered the villa individually.

Josh was the first man up and none of the girls stepped forward for him which he found tough to take.

"When I first went into the villa, it was a bit of a horror show for me. I was gutted, I was shattered.

"I knew everyone back home was watching and I thought, all my mates will be p**sing themselves. The girls were very judgmental, they were quite harsh," he told the Herald.


He perked up a little when it emerged all the ladies had quite high standards, with only one stepping forward for any of the men.

Josh said it was an intense experience living in the Love Island villa, located just 20 minutes away from the UK version's villa in Majorca.

"It was just a constant wave of emotions every day. The first day or two I was really bored. Although there was nothing to do, that sense of boredom has gone.

"I loved it. It was the best and worst thing I have ever done," he said.

Love Island Australia airs on 3e tonight at 10.05pm.