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Love is in the fare? 'One in four Dublin Bus commuters have a crush on fellow passengers'


Dublin Bus on Dame St

Dublin Bus on Dame St

Dublin Bus on Dame St

Almost a quarter of Dublin Bus commuters say they have a crush on one of their fellow passengers.

And it seems some of us are not content to admire from afar - some 15pc of Dublin Bus commuters have admitted to deliberately getting off at the wrong stop in a bid to to strike up a conversation with their crush.

The survey was commissioned by Dublin Bus as its app is set to be downloaded for the millionth time this week.

Last year, Dublin Bus made 16,883 trips each week, travelled some 57 million kilometres and carried 119 million passengers.

The survey also revealed that some 12pc of commuters use the bus journey to catch up on their sleep - and 31pc admitted to missing their stop as they were asleep.

Some 62pc use their time on the bus to browse the internet.

And 91pc say they always thank bus driver when they arrive at their destination.