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Love-at-first-flight Romeo wins date with Canadian crush


Katie Moreau from Canada, who is going on a date with Jamie Kelly

Katie Moreau from Canada, who is going on a date with Jamie Kelly

Katie Moreau from Canada, who is going on a date with Jamie Kelly

PASSPORT control is a nuisance for most people, but for Irishman Jamie Kelly it almost cost him a once-in-a-lifetime date with his dream girl.

The Ryanair Romeo tracked down Canadian beauty Katie Moreau after an international twitter campaign and an appearance on national Canadian news.

The pair met on a brief flight from Barcelona and chatted the whole way to Dublin, but they lost each other when they separated in passport control.

Today the pair will finally get to have their first date on land.

"We are being chauffeur-driven to have surfing lessons in Waterford and then we'll have dinner and drinks," Jamie told the Herald.

There is a lot more at stake than with most first dates the 24-year-old romantic from Ballinasloe admitted.

"The pressure is building now. I feel like someone is standing on my chest but she is really easy to get along with so I'm sure we'll be fine," Jamie said.

With the help of his mum and his internet savvy friends the IT graduate was able to find the Canadian tourist while she was still in Ireland with just a first name and a description to go on.

"My mum told me to go on the radio to try and find her and I emailed Ray D'arcy because he is a bit of a softie," Jamie said.

But it was his friends that came to the Ryanair Romeo's rescue when they began an online campaign to find her.

Canadian CBC news picked up on the love-at-first-flight hashtag and the shy Galway man appeared on the station via Skype.

"I wasn't sure about doing it but it would, at least, be a story to tell," he said. "I never expected it to take off like this. I wanted it to stay more low-key than what happened."

But all's well that ends well as Katie's sister spotted the story at home in Riverport, Nova Scotia and alerted her to the fact that she was the subject of a global hunt.

"Katie had already told her about meeting me and then losing me," he explained and the smitten pair then began chatting online.

"On air was the first time we spoke and it was a bit awkward at first," he said.

"There could be a film in our story yet."