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Louts wrote off my car, then put video up on Facebook


Mr Vedic's classic Nissan.

Mr Vedic's classic Nissan.

Mr Vedic's classic Nissan.

A MAN whose car was stolen was left stunned after it turned up in a rally video on Facebook.

Elvedin Vedic's classic car was taken from Blanchardstown after he parked it outside a friend's home before going on a night out.

Efforts to find the rare Nissan 200SX by appealing to users of popular car forums proved fruitless – but then Mr Vedic discovered a Facebook video.



During the three-minute 39- second film, the car is used for handbrake turns in a housing estate in Whitestown, Dublin, not far from where it was stolen.

"I was completely gutted when I saw the video. I took a drive out to Whitestown to see if I could find the car but all I saw were skid marks on the ground. Loads of people got in touch to tell me they had seen the video. I couldn't believe it," Mr Vedic told the Herald.

"It's like these people think they're invincible. The fact that they posted it on Facebook makes it appear as though they think they are untouchable. As far as I'm aware, nobody involved has been caught."



The video has since been shared by hundreds of people on Facebook. Mr Vedic said the vehicle was picked up later that day by gardai on the M1.

"I got the car back but it was considered an economic write- off. The engine was blown off and the wheels were ruined."

A Garda spokesperson could not confirm if any of those involved have been identified.

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