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Louise McSharry set for return to radio for New Year after cancer battle

Louise McSharry is due to make her return to radio on New Year's Day.

The 2fm presenter has taken some time out from her night-time slot in order to undergo treatment for cancer.

But she will return to the airwaves for a one off show as part of Rick O'Shea's Not The F&%£ing Playlist.

It is a four-day event where DJs - including himself, Louise, Ciara King and Breakfast Republic's Keith Walsh - will play music that listeners wouldn't normally hear on the top station.

Louise (31) will present a two-hour slot starting at 8pm on January 1 and is excited to get behind the radio mike again.

"So excited to be doing a show as part of this on New Year's Day. Miss my work something rotten," she said.

Speaking of his inspiration for the show, Rick said he was shocked he was given the go-ahead.

"Presuming I'd be told to feck off, I suggested to the boss that for Christmas 2014 he should allow a few 2fm presenters put together some night-time shows with the brief that all the tunes you wouldn't normally hear on the regular 2fm playlist," he explained.

"I did this mainly because I wanted to do one of them. We're on. And he's [2fm boss Dan Healy] even letting us use the name for the show that I suggested - Not On The F&%£ing Playlist."

Louise was diagnosed in August and decided to take some time out while undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

Eoghan McDermott has been filling in for her until she returns full-time next summer. Meanwhile, Louise has been planning her wedding to her fiance Gordon Sperrin in between chemotherapy sessions.


"We're actually just kicking into wedding planning now. I'm just getting my head in the game," she told the Herald.

Although she has been warned by Gordon not to reveal the venue.

"We're having it down in Cork and I'm starting to feel like I have a picture of what I want - a lot of gold glitter, that's my main focus at the moment.

"We're keeping the venue itself private. My boyfriend would kill me if I told everybody, he's like 'we have to some things for ourselves'."