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Louis' voicemail hacker is sacked

The Vodafone employee responsible for hacking into the phones of Louis Walsh and Glenda Gilson has been sacked, it has been revealed.

The company confirmed last night that they fired the individual responsible for hacking into the voicemails of the TV stars after an internal inquiry and the involvement of Gardai -- meaning the worker is facing the possibility of criminal charges.

Although the mobile phone provider refused to name their clients, a spokesperson for the network said: "We can confirm we recently discovered that a retail employee of Vodafone was involved in an incident of alleged misuse of customer information in relation to voicemail only.

"Vodafone immediately notified the gardai and the employee was immediately suspended and has since been dismissed."

Meanwhile, Louis Walsh has vowed to keep the same mobile phone number, despite his recent trauma.

The X Factor boss has become the latest celebrity victim to suffer at the hands of a hacker who intercepted all his messages - and it is still unclear how long the illegal activity had been going on.

However, the Herald can reveal how the Westlife manager is determined to keep his original phone number as he tries to moves on with things.

"He has had that number for many years and there's loads of people in his celebrity circle that he might not hear from one end of the year to the next but know they can always get him on that number," said a source.

"He has said that he's determined to keep the same number and doesn't see any point in changing it just because of what one person has done.

"He thinks it's the best way of moving on from what happened."

The pop impresario was "shocked" to discover that his phone had been hacked by someone who worked at a mobile phone company, according to gardai.

Xpose presenter Glenda Gilson also had her phone hacked recently and it's suspected it may have been by the same rogue employee.