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Louis told me to get braces, says Nicky (36)

He's known for being a boyband heartthrob, but Nicky Byrne has revealed that he was self conscious of his looks when he started out in Westlife.

The 2fm presenter (36) said that he was embarrassed by his teeth when he was younger and that manager Louis Walsh kept telling him to get them straightened.

"I remember the early days it was my teeth that were all over the place," the Dublin native explained.

"Louis used to always say to me 'you've got to get your teeth done' and I suppose that resonated with me then and I went and got a brace."

The radio star told Good Morning Britain that he felt a lot of pressure to look good when he was in the band due to all the media attention.

"It's a very blokey thing to be not concerned about your appearance, but I think we all care deep down," he said.

"In those kind of crazy Westlife years, it is something you can't avoid - you see yourselves everywhere and then you think 'I need to do that, I need to change, I need to train a little'."