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Louis nightclub accuser pulled out of river after 2am rescue

THE man charged with making a false allegation against pop mogul Louis Walsh life was saved in a dramatic river rescue over the weekend.

Leonard Watters (24) was pulled from the water by paramedics early on Saturday.

The incident happened at Kentstown Bridge in Navan, Co Meath at 2.30am on Saturday and sources said that paramedics found him at the side of the river after receiving a call from a member of the public.

Mr Watters has since been discharged from hospital.

On June 29, he appeared in court over unfounded allegations that the pop music mogul had indecently assaulted him on a night out in Krystle in Dublin.

Watters, who was granted bail on condition he does not contact Walsh or anyone from the band Westlife, is charged with making a false report to gardai.

The court was told the allegation against Walsh was made on June 20 at Harcourt Terrace Garda Station in the city centre.

Penalties for making a false report range from a €500 fine to five years in prison.

Watters told investigating officers he has no fixed abode but the court heard he is from Navan.

Judge William Early granted bail on three conditions. As well as avoiding contact with Walsh and Westlife, he must not interfere with any other potential witnesses and must provide an address to the court.

Watters, who was ordered to pay a €300 bond to secure his release on bail, is unemployed.

The accused made no reply when charged, arresting officer Detective Inspector Michael Cryan told the court.

There was no objection to bail from the State solicitor and the case was adjourned until September 7 at the District Court.