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Lottie's socialising takes a hit with early 2fm slot

LOTTIE Ryan said her 'Early Early Breakfast Show' is wreaking havoc on her social life.

The daughter of late 2fm DJ Gerry Ryan has been getting used to the early mornings since taking over the slot earlier this year.

But she said that her evening plans have been considerably altered since landing the early morning gig. "I found it hard to begin with but I'm adjusting to it," she told the Herald.

"I try to go to bed early but I'm not very good at it so I usually end up taking a nap after the show."

And Lottie (27) said that weekend socialising has taken a hit.

"My social life has had to change a bit but I'm trying to make Mondays the new cool night."

Lottie's summer plans this year will revolve around Dublin and presenting her weekend breakfast show on 2fm.

It's not a bad prospect for the Clontarf local who said: "When the sun shines, Dublin isn't a bad place to be."

Lottie currently presents The Early, Early Breakfast Show from 6am every Saturday and Sunday morning.

Lottie got the gig as part of a 2fm reshuffle earlier in the year.


She was previously the showbiz reporter on The Colm Hayes Show and also reported for RTE's The Daily Show. Head of 2fm Dan Healy said at the time that "2fm are using off-peak programming to develop the next generation of radio personalities."

But the busy presenter also tries to hit up events during the week including the opening night of her brother Rex's new play, The Boyz of Harcourt Street, at the Smock Alley Theatre in Temple Bar.

The play revolves around three lads who work on Harcourt Street, live for the weekends and all the madness that ensues.

"We're all exceptionally proud of him, it's a really fantastic play and Rex is amazing in it," Lottie added.

The showbiz bug runs in the Ryan family with sister Bonnie Ryan hoping to break into the music industry and become Ireland's answer to Rihanna.

Bonnie had recorded her first EP and has a huge supporter in Irish music mogul Louis Walsh who previously said: "I really think she is going to be the next big thing out of Ireland."